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Senior Sports Banners!

Ordering of Fall 2018 Banners from this page is now open!

A banner can still be purchased if photo has already been taken, but additional $10 shipping charge will apply.  Contact Sean if still interested.


Thank you for considering the purchase of a Spotlight Banner.

This year's design for Zillah High School is this...

The cost for the first banner in a school year is $65 for a 3 foot by 4 foot banner . (Sales tax included.)

For the second banner purchased for the same student in a school year, the price is reduced by $5 to $60.

Lastly, if a third banner is purchased for the same student in the school year, the price is reduced another $5, to $55.  

Before photos are taken for this purpose, full payment must be made.  That can occur when the photos are taken through cash or check.  It is highly, and I mean highly unlikely, that I would have any change to give at the photo session, so exact change would be appreciated.  If change is needed, that will be delivered with the banner.  Please make checks out to S. Carter Action Images.

However, below are also options to pay via credit card.  

3x4 foot spotlight banner purchase...

3x4 Banner
Choose Season
Name to be on Banner


At the current time, ZHS will only allow these banners to be displayed at Senior Night.  However, they will also serve as a great decoration at graduation parties!

Once the banner is created it will be delivered either to the student at school or through a home delivery.  It will be the responsibility of the student and/or parents/guardians to hang the banners for display.

More information regarding these banners can be found here: Current Brochure

Photo session dates for Fall 2018 are:

Sunday, September 23, 2-3:30PM; Monday, September 24, 5:30-6:30pm; Wednesday, September 26, 6-7pm

Watch Twitter for updates (Photos will be taken in room 44 at ZHS.)

Wear full uniform (excluding shoes) and coordinate with teammates as to what jersey (home v. away) to wear.  Cheerleaders bring pom poms.  A football and volleyball will be available.  Football players wear full uniform with pads.  The Monday (9-24-18) session is during a JV home game for access to locker room.

Take a look at the banners created for previous seasons: http://www.scarteractionimages.com/f929133035

If you have any questions or want to be on the list to purchase a banner, please email me at sean@scarteractionimages.com or call/text me at 509-833-9145.