Online Prepayment for ZHS Class and Individual Photos

June 3, 2022, at 5:30pm in the PAC


*This prepayment option is only available up until picture day, unless told otherwise by the photographer* 

Welcome to S. Carter Action Images' online prepayment webpage for Class and Individual Photos of graduating seniors for Zillah High School.  This webpage allows customers to prepay via credit or debit card for the purchase of these photos.  These prepayments can even be made via your mobile device, or at least iPhones!

An order envelope still must be completed, but if payment is prepaid through this page, no payment needs to be included in the envelope.  Simply print an extra copy of your receipt and enclose that in the envelope to provide proof of prepayment. If a copy of the receipt cannot be included in a order envelope, such as the case where your student forgot it was photo day, or if you do not have an order envelope, extra order forms will be available at the photo shoot and proof of payment is not needed.  However, an order will not be submitted for printing until I can verify proof of payment.

The following packages are being offered as discounted prices.  

  • Package A - 2 Individual 5x7's (No Class Photo) (Cost $16)
  • Package B - 1 Individual 5x7 and 1 Class 5x7 (Cost $16)
  • Package C - 1 Individual 5x7, 1 set of 4 individual wallet photos, and 1 Class 5x7 (Cost $20)
  • Package D - 2 Individual 5x7's, 1 set of 4 individual wallet photos, and 1 Class 5x7 (Cost $24)
  • Package E - 2 Individual 5x7's, 1 Class 8x10 (Cost $24)
  • Package Fi - Digital File (Individual photo) (Cost $30)
  • Package Fb - Digital File (Buddy photo) (Cost $30)

Digital files will be delivered via Capture Life using the email address used during checkout.

Please use the below buttons to order your package.  

Package Choices
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If you have selected a package from above, you may select from the following add-on items:

Add-on choices
Enter Name of Student
Add-on choices
Enter Name of Student


Please remember to make an extra copy of your receipt to include in the completed order envelope as proof of payment!


Prints will be delivered to the Zillah High School office the Wednesday following graduation.  It is the responsibility of the student or parent/guardian to pick up prints from the ZHS Office before the office closes for the summer.  This year the office closes on June 16.  Prints will not be delivered.