Become a Season Pass Holder!

Season Passes for ZHS Varsity Baseball and Fastpitch are coming soon!


What is a Season Pass? 

The Season Pass service is guaranteed way to get digital images delivered directly to you of your athlete following events.

How does this work?

Once a Season Pass is purchased, my attention during sporting events will be focused on your athlete (and other athletes who have purchased a Season Pass) to ensure quality images of your athlete are captured.  Following the event, the best photos of your athlete will be processed, edited, a delivered to you without need to sort through hundreds of images to find photos of your athlete. 

Will I get photos after every game? 

Not always. Obviously, if I do not attend a game, there will be no photos delivered.  At times, even when I do attend a game, I might simply be in the wrong spot at the wrong time to get photos of your Leopard.  Other times, I may be focusing on others who I have missed getting photos of in prior games.  Other times, I may be trying to get creative and simply struck out.  

How do I view the photos? 

When you get your first notice your photos are ready via text message and email, you will get a link that directs you to download the CaptureLife app on your phone or to the CaptureLife portal via a computer or mobile device.  From there you can view, share, download, or order prints of your images. What you do with the images is up to you!  These images can also be used for your athlete’s social media accounts, WITHOUT WATERMARKS!  The Season Pass service makes it very easy to share with others images of your Leopard!

See the video for information on the CaptureLife system: 

How many digital images will I get?

You will receive  15+ edited images throughout the season, assuming a Season Pass is purchased early in the season (within the first couple of events).  I will do my best to get as many quality images as I can for Season Pass Holders!  As noted above, there may be games in which no photos are delivered of your athlete.  But over the course of the season, I do guarantee 15+ images of your athlete.

What happens if I purchase a Season Pass but you are unable to capture at least 15 photos of my athlete?

If for some reason I am not able to capture at least 15 images of your athlete by the end of the season (assuming the Season Pass was purchased early in the season), you will receive a prorated refund.  

Is this available for all athletes at Zillah High School?

The frank answer is probably not.  There are certain sports that are difficult for me to attend due to limited home events (i.e. wrestling, golf, swimming, cross country) or that I cannot ensure I can attend a sufficient number of games, such as those sports with afternoon games/matches/meets to capture at least 15 various images.  Also, it is difficult to obtain a set number of photos if the athlete does not get a significant amount of playing time.  However, if you have questions about whether this is an option for your athlete, contact me and we can discuss the situation.

What about those sports for which a Season Pass is not offered?

Digital downloads are available or non-Season Pass sports through the website for $9.99 each. If you want to purchase 9 or more digital downloads of a single athlete from a single sport and season, contact me for other options which would limit your costs to the cost of a regular Season Pass.

Ok, I am interested, but how much does this cost? 

A Season Pass is $89 (includes sales tax). With the CaptureLife app and digital files, you can easily share photos with others, post photos on social media (Did I mention you can do this without the watermark?), download the photos, and print as many copies at any size the photo allows!  What you do with the digital image is up to you!  However, if the image is shared to media or other outlets (recruiting services...), I would ask that that outlet provide credit to S. Carter Action Images.  

When is the best time to purchase a Season Pass?

The best time to become a Season Pass Holder is before the season begins and as soon as I announce Season Passes are available for purchase.  I will only focus on your athlete once a Season Pass is purchased and only photos taken after this purchase will be provided through the Season Pass service.  Season Passes frequently sell out and even if they do not sell out, they will no longer be offered shortly after the games begin.  

Does this mean you will only take photos of athletes who have purchased a season pass? 

For several years, Zillah High School has hired me to photograph sports for use in the yearbook.  If this arrangement continues, I will still take photos of non-Season Pass holders, but my focus will be fulfilling my commitment to Season Pass holders and providing photos for the school's use.  Only those sports for which Season Passes are not sold will be available online.

Are the number of Season Passes for each sport unlimited?

No. In order to ensure I can capture at least 15 quality images of a given athlete during the season, I will have to limit the number of Season Passes I can sell for each sport.  However, certain sports make it easier to capture more individuals. To see if a Season Pass is available for the sport you are considering, click the Season Pass button below.

So how many Season Passes are available for my athlete’s sport? 

Prior to the season, I will make a determination how many passes will be available for each sport.  Once those passes are sold out, you can contact me to see if I am able to provide 15+ photos during the remainder of the season for that sport.  Depending on a number of factors, I may be able to add a Season Pass even after they are sold out, but you will just need to ask.

Is there anything new for the 2023-2024 school year?

As with last year, this year I will be editing the Season Pass photos for their best digital appearance.  What that means that if you want to print a given photo, the original edit may not fit the print size you want.  In the off chance you do want to print a photo and in doing so are having issues with the print sizes due to my cropping, contact me and I can crop to the print size you want and upload that version when I have a chance. 

Want to hear what several Season Pass holders have said about this service? 

Become a Season Pass Holder now by clicking the ticket! 

When registering, the phone number needs to be a cell phone number.  The email address and cell phone number are how you will be informed that your photos are ready.  If you have been a Season Pass holder previously, it is best to use the same email and cell phone number if you can.