Welcome to S. Carter Action Images! Ever since I was young I had an interest in photography. When my wife started running half-marathons, I took that opportunity to take action on this interest. Since that time, I have combined my enjoyment of photography and sports and created S. Carter Action Images.

My primary focus is covering Zillah High School sporting events. Most of the events I cover are those that I would go to as a spectator anyway. Over the last several years, I have been fortunate to cover numerous exciting games and capture everlasting memories for the student-athletes and their families.


I also do team and individual photos for Zillah schools, including the Mighty Leopards.  While this keeps me fairly busy, I do do several jobs outside of Zillah, but my main priority is servicing Zillah teams.

Whether you are here just to browse or to purchase photos, I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy making them! If you order photos from this site and are not satisfied with the results, contact me immediately so that I can promptly address the issue.

Sean Carter