What to do if you did not preorder Composite Team and Individual Photos

Under the traditional model of team and individual photos, I would take a photo of individuals even if they did not have a completed order form on photo day.  These photos were then available online for purchase after photo day.  This allowed families the opportunity to have photos even if prepayment was not completed. 

Under the Composite Team and Individual Photo model, all team members will have to have their photo taken for the team photo.  Only those who prepay using the order form, will have their image placed on the designer template.  Those who do not prepay, will have their proof photos, placed in a “Proof Images” gallery which will be available online after pre-paid prints are delivered.  A proof photo is the original photo taken without image extraction from the white background.  Here is an example. 

If after you see this proof photo, you decide you want to order finished products, like the Final Products created for those who prepaid, it is still possible, but several steps have to take place. 

Step 1 - Because the cost of prepaid Final Products include the work/labor to create the Finished Product, including the post-processing “Photoshop” work, a person who wants to order prints after the fact will need to pay a $10 design fee/coupon code.  This $10 can be paid using the “Buy now” button below.  During this process, you will be asked to provide the pictured individual's name, for personalization of the memory mate, and the image # from the "Proof Images" gallery (so I now what proof photo to use).  (When you hover a mouse over the desired photo, the image # is in the upper right of the photo.  On a mobile device, the image # is always displayed in the upper right of each photo.)

Step 2 - Once I receive notice this design fee/coupon code has been paid, I will create the Finished Products, an individual photo and/or a memory mate, and place those Finished Product in the “Finished Products” galleries.  I will then send the customer an email stating the design work has been completed and that the Finished Products are ready for purchase.  Within this email will be a coupon code worth $10 off the online purchase of the Finished Products.  (The $10 off does not apply to shipping costs.)  This coupon code will only be valid for 14 days after the email is sent.   If products are not purchased with this 14-day period, this $10 will constitute payment for work rendered in creating the Final Products.

Purchased Finished Products are then printed at lab in the mid-west and sent directly to you.  

A note - Any Final Products purchased online after photo day will require the payment of shipping costs.  In addition, not all items offered through pre-payment are offered online, and online costs for some items may be slightly higher that what is offered during prepay.   It is quicker and will cost less to order photos through the pre-payment order form, but this option is available for those instances when the circumstances of life prevent one from doing so.

If you want Finished Products created for purchase online, use this “Buy now” button!  Then watch your email for a message from S. Carter Action Images informing you your Finished Products are ready for order and providing you with the $10 coupon code, valid for 14 days only.

Select Products to be Designed
Student's Name For Memory Mate
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If you have any questions regarding this process, please click this link to email me.