Online Prepayment for Composite ZHS and ZMS Composite Team and Individual Photos

***Due to issues with the prior prepay system, this option has been revised pending a new method*** 

*This prepayment option is only available up until picture day, unless told otherwise by the photographer* 

Welcome to S. Carter Action Images' online prepayment webpage for Zillah High School Composite Team and Individual Photos.  This webpage allows customers to prepay electronically for the purchase of these photos.  

If prepayment is made through this page, an order form will still need to be completed and provided. This can be in person on photo day or sent to me via text message or messaging through social media.

If payment is prepaid through this page, no payment needs to be included in the envelope.  Simply note the method of payment on the form. An order will not be submitted for printing until I can verify proof of payment.



Below are the details to my Venmo and Cash App accounts. You are more than welcome to send payment for team photos through either service, but please include name of student being photographed if you can.


This link will also allow you to pay an amount you enter using a credit or debit card. No PayPal account should be required.

After payment has been made, the details of your order need to be communicated to me. This can be done by having the student bring a completed order form to photo day. If this is not possible, a photo of a completed order form or just some other message with the details of your order such as "Package C and 2 Buttons for John Doe, ZMS Baseball" can be sent to me prior to photo day. 

This link has my email address and text number, as well as links to social media accounts to which messages can be sent. Links to Venmo and Cash App are also there.  

I hope to come up with a better system over the Summer. Thank you for your understanding.






















Please remember to make an extra copy of your receipt to include in the completed order envelope as proof of payment!

If you have questions regarding prepayment, click this link to send me an email.