Do you want a buddy photo?  Are you sure, like really sure? 

If so, keep reading...

Due to COVID-19 protocols, traditional buddy photos are not available this year.  However, Composite Buddy Photos are an option.

What is a Composite Buddy Photo?  - A Composite Buddy Photo is a photo with up to 5 individuals virtually placed into the photo in front of a designer template.  Here is an example.

When can I order a buddy photo? - Composite Buddy Photos can be ordered after prints are delivered and after the online galleries for that team are available. 

What is the cost of a buddy photo and what do I get? - The cost for a buddy photo is $5 per person.  For example, if there are 3 people in the buddy photo, the the cost is $15.   However, for this cost you get the digital file!  This file will be emailed to the customer who purchased the buddy photo.  (Share the cost with your buddies and send them the file!)  If you want 5x7 prints or a set of 4 wallet-sized prints as well, those are available for another $2 per print.   These prints are made on an in-home dedicated photo printer and will not require the payment of shipping costs.

How do I order a buddy photo? - The first step is identifying up to 5 people total to be included in this buddy photo.  Look through the galleries (Final Products and Proof galleries) and write the file numbers for the people to be included in the buddy photo with your student listed first.  If a buddy is in the Proof gallery, note that file number as P7 indicating the 7th photo in the Proof gallery.  (When you hover a mouse over the desired photo, the image # is in the upper right of the photo.  On a mobile device, the image # is always displayed in the upper right of each photo.)

Using the purchase option below, you will order your buddy photo and list the image #'s of all the people to be included in the buddy photo.  Once I receive the order, I will create the buddy photo and email the Finished Product to the customer.  (While we get use to this system, I may also send a screen shot of the buddy photos to make sure the correct buddies are included.)  If prints are also ordered, those will be printed and arrangements for pickup or delivery to school will be made.

Use this Buy Now button to order a digital Composite Buddy Photo.  Once you have ordered the digital option, you will get directed to a page to buy prints if you wish.

Enter image numbers separated by a comma starting with your student (i.e. P7, 12, 3, P9, 15)  In this example image #7 would be the customer's student.

Buddy Photo Options
Image #'s of Buddies


If you have questions regarding this process, you can email me by clicking here!