Season Pass from the Past

Bring the past to the present!


Do you have a lot of photos from previous years marked as favorites on my website?  Would you like to have those photos?  Does a “Season Pass from the Past” interest you? 

A “Season Pass from the Past” would be delivery of up to 20 action photos (no posed team or individual photos) from prior years as they appear on the website through Capturelife for $79 (tax included).  That is $3.95 per digital file, more than 20% less than the cost of a single 5x7 print.  These 20 photos would have to be marked as favorites in a collection set.  If that set contains more than 20 images and you only want 20 images, you can either provide me with a list of the 20 images you would like by file name or I can also pick out 20 images from your favorites to deliver to you.  But remember, you will have had to have marked these photos as favorites first by clicking the heart icon.

But you say you have more than 20 images that you want?  That's cool.  The pricing structure I have developed is the following:


  • 20 images - $79

  • 50 images - $129

  • 100 images - $179

  • 150 images - $229

  • 200 images - $269

  • 250 images - $299

  • 300 images - $329

  • 350 images - $359

  • 400 images - $379

  • 450 images - $399

*I can also provide a cost for a number of images between set numbers, such as 124 images, using a pro-rated cost.  If you want more than 450!  Send me an email!

All these photos will be delivered to you via Capturelife and downloadable to your phone, tablet, or computer to do with as you please!  You can also easily share these images to social media or add other viewers to your Capturelife experience.


Act quickly as I will be removing galleries from my web page that do not depict current ZHS students.  That mean, galleries from the 2015-2016 school year and older will be removed.  These photos will be removed on March 16, 2020.  In the Fall of 2020, photos from the 2016-2017 year will be removed.


Do you have your 20 images marked as a favorite in a single set?  If so, purchase your Season Pass from the Past here:

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If you have more than 20 images that you would like to purchase or are emailing me the list of the 20 images you would like deliver to me, contact me by email.