Do you want a treasure and a keepsake from your child’s years at Zillah High School?  If so, consider a signature book from S. Carter Action Images. 

A signature book will contain a compilation of the best photos from of your child taken throughout his or her high school career.  The photos are printed on press paper and bound in a lay-flat book for easy display.  The cover is black bonded leather for a classic appearance.  Below are some pictures of a sample book, but don’t judge only by these pictures.  Ask me to show you the sample book in person.  You will see the quality of the photos in the book at the quality of the book itself.

The book can be designed in various sizes, but typically will be 6 inches x 9 inches, or 8 inches by 12 inches. 

The price of the book is dependent on several factors: 1) the dimensions of the book, 2) the number of pages in a book; and 3) the number of photos used in the book.  The number of pages in the book and the number of photos used are the primary driving forces for the cost of the book.  But remember, the larger the book is in dimension, the larger your pictures will be.  (The sample book has just one picture per page.  However, your book will likely contain multiple photos on one page with an occasional single photo page.)

While the cost of each book may vary, an 8x12 book, with 50 pages containing around 110 photos will cost $450*.  This total cost is less than the cost of 110 5x7 prints from the website. 

If interested in a signature book to enjoy for years to come once your Leopard graduates, please see the below guide to get started. 

Signature Book Guide - a signed signature book guide will need to be completed on each order.

If interested, contact me in person, by phone at 509-833-9145, or by email at [email protected]

*Cost based on photographer selecting photos from  If purchaser selects photos of ZHS student from, the total price is reduced by $75.